Atelier 2.0

A new expression of the Atelier multifunctional desk lamp, Atelier 2.0 uses a beautiful piece of teak wood with a stunning grain pattern (a timber shop reject) for the base.

To make this lamp multifunctional, I fashioned a Birch leaf by hand out of a piece of teak, to serve as a book end. This lamp was made during India’s nation-wide lock down, when the world was struggling to overcome the effects of a massive and unprecedented global pandemic. In many cultures the Birch tree symbolises rebirth, regeneration, adaptability, resilience, hope and new life – all of which felt like the absolute need of the hour.

The lamp shade is a metal planter in a refreshing shade of green, made adjustable with the help of a small brass pivot. Atelier 2.0 is constructed using multiple mortise-and-tenon joints, of which one is angled. The wood is hand sanded and finished with an eco-friendly, water-based wood finish.


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