“I love the unique idea of combining the lamp and the book ends. It takes the clutter of the books off the coffee table. The simple straight lines of the design, the wood tones, and soft diffused light fit in perfectly with the rest of the furniture and bric-a-brac I already have in the living space where I have placed it.”
– Gayatri (Solitude multifunctional table lamp)

“I am very happy. I started reading more! My children liked it very much. It is a beautiful piece, surely I will recommend to my friends.”
– Mrs. Menon (Serenity floor lamp)

“We are really enjoying the floor lamps we have. In the day, their simple and elegant designs add character to our living room while in the evenings their warm light lends a beautiful glow to the space. My daughter has found the perfect reading spot under one of these lamps. Definitely recommend getting one to add that extra cozy ‘hygge’ feeling to your home.”
– Shweta & Yogi (Reflect & Tranquil floor lamps)

“The Solitude lamp simply defines the beauty of its name, subtly yet brightly lighting up a favourite corner of our home. Dusk after dusk, this aesthetic piece of creative work warms up the room and the heart with a perfect spread of brilliance.”
– Raji (Solitude multifunctional table lamp)